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Tim and Shannon Woodland

The Woodlands have been married for 32 years, have 2 grown daughters, a dog, Duchess and a cat named Despereaux. Even when their kids were young, the Woodlands looked for properties that were diamonds in the rough.  One of their friends call them "redeemers", they like that.

The firehouse was the next step after they moved to Lynchburg, bought a log cabin and rented it out as an Airbnb. The day Tim saw old Firehouse 4 up for sale, well, he had an appointment to see it that afternoon. They sold the log cabin and a few months later they were proud owners of Firehouse 4.

Shannon Woodland

When Shannon isn’t traveling and producing television feature stories, she’s in her most favorite place, the garden. Shannon is landscaping Firehouse 4 Venue’s massive yard so that photo ops are plenty. She also plans on using flowers grown in her yard for venue table centerpieces.

Tim Woodland

Tim retired from the Chesapeake, Virginia Fire Department in 2011 after 31 years of service.  He enjoys working on the firehouse and has even climbed the 60- foot hose tower.  The beautiful hardwood tables in the venue are Tim’s handiwork.   The Woodlands aren’t strangers to renovation, they’ve taken on several projects over the years and even restored a four- story building in Portsmouth, Virginia built in 1890, and lived above the coffee house they opened on the first floor.

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